Fan Fiction (SVS story series) Ep.7:Kill Event

:seedling:Fan Fiction (SVS story series) Ep.7:Kill Event

:thinking:What is Fan fiction?

:whale:It’s from fans who create derivatives about game content.
:maple_leaf:The derivative content this time is the result of our MOD event “Night at the Anthill” , A few cute stories are too awesome to keep them secret.

Here is the 7th one among these pieces by player Arabella, it is also the final one of Arabella, we really hope you like it.

:scroll:PS. Fan Fiction program is initiated by MOD Astrid, and the picture is designed by MOD SkipS_125


Server: 738
ID: 36845762

Server 424
Id 19070820
L’unione fa la forza

Server: 713
It’s very important not to give up, if a server comes together it will surely be the best in the world. like this ant, never give up. love is in the air lol

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