Evo stat display

Why are we not able to view the stat bonuses from the Evo tree either as a whole or from individual tree? New buildings all seem to have the feature of the graph icon. Why not the og buildings??

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Hello, I hope this helps but there is a world suggestion in discord.

You can submit your suggestion this way.

A single chart would not be possible, because not all evolution bonuses apply in all situations. For example, some are used only when invading, and some are used only when hunting.

While you can’t see the results of your evolutions alone, there is a way to see what bonuses from all sources apply in specific cases. Go to your profile, scroll down to “Anthill,” and tap the I on the right side. This will show you all of your attribute bonuses.

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Oh my! Thanks for that bit of info!

I would still like to see specific stat bonuses from Evo alone. Perhaps the hierarchy system could be adapted for the Evo tree such that it shows Evo under conditions (ie invasion, defense, hunt…)

I can get you a little closer to that. You can sort your invasion vs hunt vs defense buffs by going to the three horizontal lines on the right of that menu.

You can temporary deactivate your mutation flora items and remove your insects and special ants from the marches to remove their variables from the equation. It’s still not only evolution, but it’s closer.

You can also use battle logs to see how your buffs break down.

Tap on any bar to see the breakdown for that item. The Evolve line item is what you want.

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