Egg Hunt!

Hello everyone, the Forum Team wishes to introduce you to Ant Betty! She is a faithful visitor of our secret library and loves to learn! In fact, the only thing Betty loves more than learning is sharing what she’s learned with others.

Wow! Curator Ophelia Owl overheard our whispered conversation and thought of a fun way to celebrate spring. So, with the Curator’s support and Betty’s enthusiasm, we invite you to our library for a forum-wide egg hunt!

They’ve hidden eggs throughout the forum, in a variety of topics to help people explore our library. Find the eggs before anyone else does and you’ll get exclusive prizes. All participants will earn the 2023 Egg Hunt badge.

Here are the rules:

  • Join Egg Hunters group.
  • Search the forum for hidden eggs in various topics.
  • When you find an egg, follow the instructions to claim your prize.
  • The first person to find all of eggs will win the new school badge of honor!
  • All participants will earn the 2023 Egg Hunt badge.

So what are you waiting for?! Start hunting for those eggs and discover new and exciting things on the forum!


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Please join the Egg Hunters group to participate in this event. After you have joined, go to the Egg Hunt category for more information.