[December 19th] Update Maintenance Notice

[Update Time]
2022/12/19 07:00–07:30 (UTC)

[New Content]

  1. Added Customized Anthill Layout: When the Queen reaches Lv.25, the new layout feature will unlock, making it possible to save and switch your layouts as you wish.


  1. Adjusted the total times allowed to purchase Season Revival Fungi Packs.

[Bug Fixes]

  1. Fixed the abnormal buff status of the Rare Reform;
  2. Fixed the abnormal buff status of some Awakening and Mutation under certain conditions;
  3. Fixed the issue that Stamina rebate mail might be delivered after joined Pangolin Rally fails;
  4. Fixed the issue that Treasure Attributes may not refresh after upgrading the Treasure;
  5. Fixed the Season search issue of certain features.