Cicindela aurulenta: Call for Battle Reports

The ant kingdom welcomes a new guest, the Cicindela aurulenta. It is a tiny, yet stunning beetle with a metallic sheen. It is mainly found across North and South America. These beetles measure approximately 6 millimeters in body length and are excellent crawlers. They possess strong hind legs and claws that enable them to climb to the top of plants rapidly. They are highly adaptable insects with distinctive physical features and behavioral patterns. As the new power of the insects, what kind of wonderful performances will it bring? Jerry is curious about it. Perhaps some battle reports will help Jerry understand the new insect better! Submit battle reports related to the new species now, and you have the chance to win super rewards.

Event Rewards
1st-5th place: Surprise Chest5, Exclusive Community Avatar Frame (7D1)
6th-15th place: Surprise Chest3
15+ places: Surprise Chest

Participation and Rules

  1. Post battle reports containing Cicindela aurulenta on the official Facebook group (The Ants: Underground Kingdom(Official) | Facebook)
  2. The post should include a brief battle report to explain the reasons for victory and defeat.
  3. Submit your work link to us in the form of a questionnaire (
  4. Battle reports can be invasion, defense, success, or failure, but must include Cicindela aurulenta.
  5. Battle reports should include the names, formations, overall battle values, and battle performance values of both enemy and friendly sides.
  6. Do not plagiarize other people’s work.
  7. Rankings will be based on the order of questionnaire submission, not the time of battle report submission.

Note: Rewards will be distributed by email within 15 working days after the deadline: June 5, 23:59:59 (UTC+0).